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The difference between design and integration

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Parts of a Shopkeeper Tools Gift Card
1: Cover

480 pixels wide by 686 pixels high (cover.png). This "greeting card" style image with the red background and white ribbon in this example can be completely customized. All text in this area must be embedded in an image file. There is also typically a shadow around the card to help it stand out, but we can remove this or change it to a solid border. We can use any fonts you'd like on the "cover." We have access to Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts, but if you need one not included in any of these collections, you can send us the file and we'll use it design your card.

2: Tab
By default we include this "tab" to give users a visual hint on where to click, but we can remove it if you don't want it. We can also make limited customizations to it, such as making it a different color or size.
3: 'Open' Text
The "Open" text's font can be changed. We can also remove the animation or remove it entirely.
4: Background

1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels high (bg.png). The background, which is shown as a solid gray here, can be completely customized. Because it is used in a variety of screen sizes, we recommend using patterns, solid colors or images without a focal point because any part of it could be cropped. Because of this, we do not recommend any text (unless it's purely decorative). If we're doing your design, we'll take care of designing an image with these considerations unless you request otherwise.

5: Background
This is the same background as on the previous image. It cannot be different when the card is opened. We also cannot change the animation used when the card opens.
6: Text
We can change the font the personal information uses. However, we advise using Google Fonts. We can also integrate with Adobe Fonts (TypeKit) but support for other webfont services varies. Read more here.
7: Store Name or Logo
This can be your store name or logo.
8: Card

400 pixels wide by 239 pixels high (card.png). This "card" image can include any text or imagery you'd like (including non-webfonts). We typically keep the main design elements in approximately the top two thirds to avoid having the value hide anything important. We can remove the rounded corners on the card or value and change the value font to any webfont.

9: Code and Links
This text can be displayed in any webfont. We can also hide elements if you don't want them, though we typically recommend showing the gift card code and the terms and conditions, privacy and print links.
Elements not shown
  • Thumbnail: 480 pixels wide by 684 pixels high and typically the same image as the cover, but can be different to help customers tell the difference between the theme of the card if it's too had to see at a small size.
  • Preview: 136 pixels wide by 194 pixels high and similar to thumbnail.
  • Print Background: 243 pixels wide by 153 pixels high and the image used if user prints using the wallet size. We recommend including this with all designs because anyone can print the gift card view and this image is needed. A good option is your logo.

Optional Add On: Gift Card Scheduler

After checking out, let your customers click a link to send a gift card notification directly to the recipient or schedule it any time in the next year. It’s all possible with our optional add on Gift Card Scheduler app.

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Frequently asked questions
Can I create my own designs?

Yes, but you must submit the files using these exact requirements and pay a one time integration fee. Integrate fees are less expensive that design fees. Please note that you cannot upload designs and have them available instantly — nor can you change them without paying an additional integration fee.

What's the difference between design and integration?

Design fees are a one time cost that includes designing your gift card experience from logos, images, colors and other resources you provide us (or we can grab them from your site). The fee covers the time it takes us to create your design and revisions, integrate it with our app and storage the unique images.

Integration fees are also one time only and require that you have design experience. You must submit files exactly as outlined here and we integrate them for you, but do not many any design changes. Integration fees are less expensive and include the time it takes us to configure your integration and host the unique image files.

Can't I just upload my own files somewhere?

While you will be provided with an upload link where you can submit files, please note these do not go live immediately and our standard turnaround time still applies.

Can I change my designs later?

Yes, but there is an additional fee. If you need to update or redesign your branded designs at any time in the future, another design or integration fee will apply. You cannot change out designs by yourself.