Coronavirus and COVID-19 Shopify Gift Card Resource Center

How Shopify gift cards can help your business during the coronavirus outbreak

Gift cards on all plans

On March 20, 2020, Shopify announced that gift cards are available on all Shopify plans, meaning all of our free and paid gift card apps will work on any Shopify store

Gift cards and cashflow

Learn how to use Shopify gift cards to improve cashflow for your business for now and in the future in these uncertain economic times

Marketing gift cards

Improve cashflow by encouraging recipients to redeem gift cards sooner — or stagger redemptions out to keep cashflow going well into the future

Thousands of shop owners have turned to ShopKeeper for better gift cards

COVID-19 Gift Card Designs Added

We’ve released a collectioin of new gift card designs — available for free on all plans — that help you spread the message of staying healthy and safety as well as offering your customers a way to thank those leading the fight against the pandemic. 

What our Shopify gift card apps can do for you

Make 'em customizable

Let your customers pick from hundreds of designs — including plenty of always free design options


Make 'em easier to purchase and give

Streamline the gift card buying process and let buyers add a personal note and ‘from’ name easily and quickly

Make 'em easier to send to recipients

By default, Shopify only emails the purchaser — but we figured out how to send email notifications to the recipient

Make 'em match your brand

Add your brand’s logos, colors and imagery to the gift card design — and we can help with designing it