Shopify Collaboration App

The Shopkeeper Notes App brings a new and exciting level of collaboration to your Shopify store.

With this collaboration app for Shopify, you can add a note to any element of your Shopify store. Need an image changed? Add a note to it. Need a headline or title edited? Attach a note to it.

It’s easy and simple to add a note to any part of a Shopify store page. When the collaboration app is active, all you need to do is click on any part of the page to start a note.

Other store staff members can also see elements that are tagged with notes and click them to quickly pull up the notes and comments.

Then, other staff members can log in and add comments to each note, making it easy to gather feedback, additional questions or discussion. Once the edit or change is completed, the note can be marked as “complete” so that it’s out of the way.

However, if the issue needs to be reopened, this can always be done from this Shopify collaboration app.

Having notes attached to specific parts of your pages brings an important level of context to your discussions and collaboration. It’s easier to discuss and make decisions when managing your Shopify store.

The Shopkeeper Notes App also makes a great project management tool for Shopify stores, since it’s easy to track tasks, discuss them and mark them off when completed.