Branded Gift Cards App Support

Why is a higher level Shopify account required?

Shopkeeper Tools Gift Cards leverages the existing gift card functionality in Shopify and this feature is only available on “Shopify” level (formerly known as “Pro” plans) and higher. Keep in mind that upgrading your plan will give you a lower credit card processing rate and access to advanced reports, so it’s a worthwhile investment in your business to switch.

How is this app different from your other gift card app?

This app offers a simplified gift card ordering process but is limited to a single custom design. If you prefer to not use a custom design, a generic default design is available. If you want to offer more than one custom design, please use our other app.

Do you offer refunds?

You can cancel your subscription to our service at any time. There are no long term contracts or agreements. However, we are unable to offer refunds for unused months that have already been paid for. Keep in mind that you can always try our free plan first and see if the app will work for you before paying.

There are no refunds for the one time design fee.

How do I cancel?

To cancel, access the “Apps” page from your Shopify backend and follow the instructions. We cannot cancel your subscription for you.

Why do you require me to pay a fee to design my gift card?

Because each branded gift card is created just for your store, we do have to charge a small fee to cover our cost of creating the gift card. This also includes the time it takes to set up your gift card design in your store. We also have found that, due to the highly custom nature of our gift card framework, working with a professional designer who’s familiar with ecommerce and digital gift card design gives the best results. If you don’t want a custom design, the app does come with a default design that you can use for no additional fee. If you would prefer to let customers select from a library of predesigned looks, check out our other app. If you prefer to design your own gift card designs, we do offer this ability but an integration fee still applies (for more details and file requirements, see our order page). Finally, please remember the design fee is a one time only fee unless you decide to change your gift card design in the future. Your monthly fee is just $5.99 per month.

Can I provide my own image files and graphics?

Absolutely. Your one time design fee includes incorporating any existing images, logos, photos or other design elements you have. Once you’ve paid the fee, you’ll have a chance to upload any files you have as well as share your ideas on how you’d like the design to look.

Can I send you my own design?

Yes. We do still charge an integration fee, however and your images will need to meet our size and format requirements. For more details and to order, click here.

Can I have more than one branded design?

Yes. Please contact us for more information and to discuss pricing.

How long does it take you to create my branded gift card design?

Turnaround times vary based on our current workload and are handled on a first come, first served basis. However, it is our goal to have an initial design draft for you ready within three working days (often sooner!). Once you have this in hand, any revision rounds make take a two to three days to complete. In general, a typical design with one or two revision rounds can be completed in about a week. We are often able to “beat” these timelines, but just want to make sure we’re also being realistic. If you have a time sensitive project, you can discuss paying a “rush” fee with your designer. Please note that we cannot guarantee turnaround times at this time, unless you have paid a rush fee and agreed upon a deadline with your designer.

What happens to existing gift cards if I cancel?

If you decide to cancel your paid account with us, all existing gift cards will still remain valid. However, customers will no longer see your branded design and all gift cards will also lose their personal notes and “from” names.

What if I need more help?

We offer email support for paid subscribers only. Submit your requests here

Is there a limit on how many gift cards I can sell?

Each plan has a “cap” on the number of gift cards you can send every month. If you exceed this number of gift cards, we will not stop displaying or issuing gift cards, but may contact you to discuss a small additional fee based on your usage. Our goal is to be fair and offer a “cap” that fits within most store’s needs but, for higher volume stores, cover the additional costs of issuing large numbers of gift cards based on the store’s revenue.