Gift Card App FAQs

What level of Shopify account is required?

Shopkeeper Tools Gift Cards leverages the existing gift card functionality in Shopify and this feature is only available on the Shopify (formerly known as “Pro”), Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus plans. Keep in mind that higher level  plans will give you a lower credit card processing rate and access to advanced reports, so it’s a worthwhile investment in your business to switch.

Where do my customers enter the recipient's email address?

Due to how Shopify works, it’s not possible for us to separately notify gift card recipients at this time. Instead, customers should simply forward the notification email they receive from your store to the recipient.

You can, however, add this functionality with our separate gift card scheduler app, which also lets users schedule when a gift card will be sent.

Without this app, Shopify will send the gift card information to the purchaser and they will need for forward it to the recipient. 

To make give givers’ experience as smooth as possible, you may want to consider explaining, in the gift card product description, that the purchaser will receive the notification and can forward this to their friend or loved one at a time they chose. It’s also sometimes helpful to let gift givers know to keep an eye on their spam folder, too, just in case.

Do you offer refunds?

You can cancel your subscription to our service at any time. There are no long term contracts or agreements. However, we are unable to offer refunds for unused months that have already been paid for. Keep in mind that you can always try our free plan first and see if the app will work for you before paying.

How do I cancel?

To cancel, access the “Apps” page from your Shopify backend and uninstall the app. This will automatically cancel your subscription as of the next payment cycle. Please note we cannot offer refunds for unused months. We cannot cancel your subscription for you.

What happens to existing gift cards if I cancel?

If you decide to cancel your paid account with us, all existing gift cards will still remain valid. In addition, if you cancel your paid subscription, you will automatically be downgraded to our free plan and any gift cards utilizing premium designs will revert to a default one. Gift cards will also lose their personal notes. Please note that if you completely remove our code from your Shopify store, all designs, personal messages and from names will be removed from your gift cards. However, all gift card numbers will continue to be valid even if the code is removed. Note that if you cancel your Shopify account, all gift cards will become invalid.

What features are missing from the free account?

The free version of Shopkeeper Gift Cards includes a limited design library that includes limited design choices and limited categories. Users cannot include a personal note on gift cards and no support or installation services are available for the free plan. Upgrading will unlock exclusive additional design categories and all designs. Free accounts are also limited to 100 gift cards per month. If you exceed this number of gift cards, we will not stop displaying or issuing gift cards, but may contact you to discuss a small additional fee based on your usage.

Why don't the customize and preview links appear right away?

In order to offer you a full slate of features and the easiest possible installation, Shopkeeper Gift Cards uses advanced JavaScript technology to dynamically insert these links on your product pages. However, this does result in a slight delay and customers may see the links “appear” suddenly. However, our research shows that, by the time the user begins browsing the page, the links have loaded. We’ve also found that customers are understanding that it might take a few extra seconds for the advanced customization features that you can offer them with this app to load.

Can I upload my own gift card designs?

We can work with you to create a custom design for a one time fee or you can provide your own designs that meet our specifications. Please note that this feature requires you to be a Pro subscriber. Click here for pricing and to order.

Can I add a customize or edit link on the cart page?

Due to how Shopify handles gift cards, this isn’t possible at this time. We are exploring options for adding this feature, however, and may add it in the future.

What if I need more help?

Please be sure you’ve reviewed all of the FAQs here as well as the documentation and instructions in the app. If you still need help, you can contact using the form here.

How do I get you to install the app for me?

Simply add “” to your store as a staff member. Please allow 2-3 business days for your installation to be processed. Remember, this service is only available to paid subscribers.

What size should I make my logo?

We recommend using a logo that’s a perfect square. 100 pixels by 100 pixels is the ideal size. If your logo isn’t square, use an image editor to resize it to fit in a square.

How can I send a customer a free gift card?

If you’d like to send a customer a free gift card for an incentive, promotion or prize, follow these steps.

Are there limits on how many gift cards can I sell?

Each plan has a “cap” on the number of gift cards you can send every month. If you exceed this number of gift cards, we will not stop displaying or issuing gift cards, but may contact you to discuss a small additional fee based on your usage. Our goal is to be fair and offer a “cap” that fits within most store’s needs but, for higher volume stores, cover the additional costs of issuing large numbers of gift cards based on the store’s revenue.