Magic Button App FAQs

How is the Magic Button better than Shopify's edit button?

Although Shopify recently added an “edit” button for staff members, the Magic Button app still offers these advantages:

  • No annoying gray bar running across your page and cluttering your screen
  • Use our exclusive keyboard shortcut to edit a page in addition to clicking the button
  • Keep the Shopify toolbar out of the way
What happens when I click the Magic Button?

On pages where the Magic Button functionality is available, clicking the button will open your Shopify backend screen for the particular page, product, collection or article you’re currently on.

Here’s a detailed outline of what happens on each type of Shopify page when you click:

  • Homepage: The button will open the homepage settings page, allowing you to control such things as the homepage’s title and meta description, Google Analytics and other integration codes and storefront password settings. Note that editing the content of the homepage varies by theme, so we’re not able to automatically open those settings.
  • Collection page: The button will open the edit collection page for the collection you were on when you clicked the button. This allows you to update the name, handle, description, image and SEO settings for the collection page in question.
  • Product page: The button will open the edit product page for the collection you were on when you clicked the button. This allows you to update the name, handle, description, images, SEO settings, variants, inventory, pricing, collection, tag, status, channel and vendor settings for the product in question.
  • Blog page (this refers to the “main” page of each blog that has a list of the latest blog posts; for the blog article pages, see the next bullet): The button will open the settings page for this blog, allowing you to rename it, change handles and adjust SEO settings as well as manage discussion and other preferences.
  • Article page (this refers to the standalone page that features only the content of a single blog post): The button will open the edit blog post page for the article you were on when you clicked the button, allowing you to edit the content, SEO settings, title, image and status settings of the blog post in question.
  • Page page (this refers to pages using the page building tool under “Online Store”): The button will open the edit page for page you were on when you clicked the button, allowing you to edit the content, SEO settings and title for the page in question.

Please note that the app does not work on account management, cart, checkout or other pages.

The magic button won't work on _____ page. What's wrong?

Due to limitations with the Shopify platform, the Magic Button will NOT work on the following pages:

  • User signup, registration or login pages
  • User “My Account” pages
  • Order confirmation pages
  • Cart pages
  • Checkout pages

Additionally, the app may not function properly on pages using custom templates.

Also, please note that for some pages, the Magic Button will open a settings page instead of the page to control the content on it:

  • Homepage
  • Blog page (but not blog article pages)
Is there a free version of Magic Button?

No. We’ve priced the Magic Button Shopify app at just three bucks a month so that it’s affordable enough for businesses of all sizes to use. We have no plans of offering a free version.

How will the Magic Button save me time?

Every time you want to edit any part of your Shopify store, you typically need to log in to the backend administration area and navigate to the appropriate item you want to edit.

The Magic Button eliminates the need to constantly wade through the backend admin pages and instead allows you to click a button on almost any Shopify store page and instantly be transported to the backend editing screen for that product, collection, article or page in question.

This can save you a ton of time and makes it easy to quickly correct or update things you might spot while browsing your own site.

The button isn't appearing. What's wrong?

If you have a large number of apps, it’s possible our code is interfering with another app. Our code is designed with Shopify App best practices in mind, so it shouldn’t interfere with well coded apps. If you would like to report conflicts, please email us via this form and we’ll do our best to get things worked out for you!

Also, please note that our app uses the black Shopify admin bar to load so if, for some reason, this is hidden or overwritten, the app may not work.

Wait, my customers can't see the button, right?

You are correct. The Magic Button is only shown when the user is logged in as a staff member on your Shopify store. Normal user accounts don’t see or have access to the button in any way and it won’t affect their browsing experience or load time, nor will they even know you’re using the tool.

Do you offer refunds?

You can cancel your subscription to our service at any time. There are no long term contracts or agreements. However, we are unable to offer refunds for unused months that have already been paid for. Keep in mind that you can always try our free plan first and see if the app will work for you before paying.

Please note that we are unable to offer refunds even if our app conflicts with other apps and you decide you can’t use it. Magic Button comes with a free trial, so we encourage you to verify everything works before the paid subscription period starts.

How do I cancel?

To cancel, access the “Apps” page from your Shopify backend uninstall the app. This will cancel the app and you will no longer be charged for it. Please note we are unable to refund or credit unused portions of a month.

Can I only allow certain staff members to see the button?

Not at this time.

What options can I choose for my button?

We purposefully built Magic Button to have a limited set of features. However, we did include some settings that can be adjusted by going to the apps part of your control panel and clicking on the Shopkeeper Magic Button logo:

  • Turn the app on or off: This will hide the button from all users, even if the app is still installed. This is sometimes useful for testing purposes or if you need to have a “clean” view of your pages. Please note that this does not cancel your monthly fee for the app.
  • Button position: Select what corner you want the button to appear in. We typically recommend the lower right, but this setting allows you to move it to an area of your choice in order to avoid conflict with other apps, overlays or tabs.
  • Button size: Adjust the size of the icon. Making it smaller can make it easier to see your store and envision what it looks like without the button installed while still giving you access to all the great features of the app.
  • Style: This lets you move the button to the black Shopify admin bar.
How do I install this app?

You don’t! This app doesn’t require any installation steps or code modifications other than subscribing and activating it just like you would any other app. You can, however, make some adjustments to how the app behaves by going to the Apps page and clicking the Shopkeeper Magic Button logo.