Notes App FAQs

How can I temporarily disable the app when I'm logged in as a staff member?

When working on your store and you’d like to disable the app by tapping the “N” key on your keyboard. To toggle the app back on, simply tap the “N” key again.

How can I click a link instead of adding a note to it?

By default, when the app is activated, clicking on a link will create a note on that link. To prevent this behavior, you can hold down the “Ctrl” key while clicking on any text or image link to following the link instead of adding a note to it. Alternatively, you can tap the “N” key to temporarily disable the app and then tap “N” again to reactivate.

How can I see completed or archived notes?

If a note is archived or marked as completed, you can still see it by accessing “See all notes for this page” from the dropdown.

How do I use the app?

The Shopkeeper Notes app has been designed to be flexible enough for a variety of workflows. We typically recommend add new notes to suggest changes, ask questions or flag an error. Then, other staff members can discuss the issue or crate their own issues. Finally, once the issue is resolved, we recommend marking it as complete so it’s archived and out of your way.

Do you offer refunds?

You can cancel your subscription to our service at any time. There are no long term contracts or agreements. However, we are unable to offer refunds for unused months that have already been paid for. Keep in mind that you can always try our free plan first and see if the app will work for you before paying.

How do I cancel?

To cancel, access the “Apps” page from your Shopify backend and follow the instructions. We cannot cancel your subscription for you.

How do you install the app?

There are no steps to install this app. Simply make sure it’s active from the Apps panel and that the app is turned on under settings.