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Increase conversion rates and generate more revenue with easy-to-use store apps

Thousands of eCommerce shop owners use ShopKeeper apps to turn their visitors into return buyers.
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eCommerce software that helps you save time and create branded offers

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Gift Cards

Re-engage your customers with branded offers. Choose from hundreds of mobile and print-friendly designs and offer a customized, immersive gift card experience.
With ShopKeeper’s Gift Cards, you take Shopify’s built-in gift card functionality to the next level and enable your customers to send gift cards directly to the recipient at a certain date and time.
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Magic Button

Make instant changes or update your store pages with a single click or a keyword shortcut. Save time by editing your products, collections, pages, or blog articles while you browse them.
With ShopKeeper’s Magic Button, you and your staff can edit almost every store page with no Liquid code modifications or annoying bars or screens that cover your store.
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Global Content

Build your very own content library and then add that content to almost every page of your store. Keep your content updates brief by updating all the content at once from a centralized location.
With ShopKeeper’s Global Content, you can reuse any piece of content, such as plain text, rich text, images, HTML, or Liquid code by adding a simple shortcode-like tag. Save time by editing or updating pages across your store at once instead of editing each individual page.
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Software Solutions That Drive eCommerce Growth

ShopKeeper’s apps help you save time so you can focus on growing your business. Our easy-to-use store apps make it easy to manage content, edit pages, and create branded gift card offers.
Our apps are compact and easy to install. They only require a few lines of edits to your store’s code and free installation is available.
Thousands of eCommerce shop owners use ShopKeeper apps to turn their visitors into return buyers.
Our Clients
Wow! What a difference. We Achieved everything we were looking for with ShopKeeper and are able to provide a much richer, branded Shopify experience.
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Saratoga Tea & Honey
There are a lot of different options for gift cards and scheduling, but what really sets this app apart is the support and customer service. Pete and the team are absolutely wonderful. Extremely responsive and willing to go the extra mile. They helped us with our integration and made sure that everything worked seamlessly - even when our customized theme threw up a few roadblocks!
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Life's an RPG
The team over at Shopkeer Tools have been incredibly helpful in setting up a branded gift card page for me, and I couldn't be more grateful! For one, the turnaround for the branded gift card itself was extremely fast. But what impressed me more was the initiative the team took. Upon noticing that I updated my Shopify theme, Jim went above and beyond and edited the code to the "To, From, and Message" fields, so that it looked cleaner and provided a better user experience and user interface. I can't recommend them enough - thank you!
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Increase Your Conversion Rates And Generate More Revenue With ShopKeeper

Personalize and update your eCommerce store with ease and create branded offers that delight your customers.
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