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Turn First Time Customers Into Repeat Buyers With Branded Gift Cards

Boost your sales and re-engage your customers with branded gift cards. Choose from hundreds of mobile and print-friendly designs and offer a customized, immersive gift card experience.
Thousands of Shop Owners Offer Better Gift Cards With ShopKeeper

Take Shopify’s Built-in Gift Card Functionality to the Next Level

Shopify’s gift card redemption process is clunky and confusing. The gift card functionality is not friendly toward consumers, so many businesses don’t use it to its fullest potential.
But if you’re not offering a great gift card giving experience, you’re leaving money on the table.

93% of consumers prefer receiving a gift card instead of an item of similar value.

So offering gift cards can boost your sales, especially during the holiday season.
Offer an immersive gift card experience with ShopKeeper Gift Cards. Enable your customers to send gift cards in order to capture more seasonal sales, improve cash flow, and increase the number of returning customers.
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GiftCards ScheduledGifts

Simplify the Gifting Process With ShopKeeper

Improve Shopify’s built-in gift card redemption process. Help your customers send better gift cards to friends and family.
ShopKeeper’s app enables your customers to personalize the gift cards with “To” and “From” names and add a custom note for the recipient.

Offer the Perfect Gift Card for Every Occasion

Help your customers find the perfect gift card design for every occasion. Allow customers to browse 27 design categories and over 300 designs to find the perfect gift card for day-to-day or seasonal occasions.
And if you want to offer more designs, you can send us your ideas or your images and we’ll create new ones for you.
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Increase Brand Awareness With Branded Gift Cards

Increase your brand awareness with customized designs. Our app enables you to extend your brand to your gift cards with branded designs.
Send us your logos, images and colors, and our professional gift card designers will create a custom design that’s tailored to your brand. Or create your own assets based on our requirements and send them to us for processing.
Order Gift Card Customizations

Make Gift-Giving Even Easier With Scheduled Gifts

ShopKeeper’s Gift Card app simplifies Shopify’s gift card redemption process by allowing your customers to send the gift cards directly to their loved ones.
Create immersive gift-giving experiences by enabling your customers to send personalized gift cards at specific dates and times during the following year.
When you use the Gift Card app, you customize the gift card’s design, and enable your customers to add “To” and “From” fields, include personalized messages, and schedule when the recipient gets their gift.
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Create an Immersive, Customizable Gift Card Experience

Single default design
‘To’ and ‘from’ names
Gift giver can add personal message
1 print layout
Support and installation
Save 20%!
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Hundreds of designs in 27 occasion categories
‘To’ and ‘from’ names
Gift giver can add personal message
3 print layout choices
Support and installation
Save 20%!
Start For Free
Custom branded designs created by you or our professional designers
‘To’ and ‘from’ names
Gift giver can add personal message
1 print layout
Single design or multi-design options
Support and installation
$19.99 or $24.99/month
$199.99 or $249.99/year
Save 20%!
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Gift Card Scheduler

Enable Your Customers to Schedule and Email Gift Cards Directly to the Recipient.
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Thousands of Shop Owners Offer Better Gift Cards With ShopKeeper
Yes, our team can help you install Global Content for free.

Here are some other answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Gift Card App

Your customers go through the normal checkout process. ShopKeeper’s app doesn’t interfere with Shopify’s checkout or take any transaction fees for the gift cards you sell.


Your customers select a value for the gift card, enter their name, the recipient’s name, and a personal note.


We generate an animated gift card experience using the default design (for Easy plans), custom design (for Pro plans), or branded design (for Branded plans), and the personalization your customer entered. The entire process happens in seconds and the end result is mobile and print friendly.


Your customer receives an order confirmation and a gift card creation notification from Shopify and can then forward the gift card to the recipient. 


Gift Card Scheduler App

The Gift Card Scheduler app works great with our Gift Card app, but you can also use it independently if your Shopify store’s default gift card feature is enabled. 


Your customers go through the normal checkout process. ShopKeeper’s app doesn’t interfere with Shopify’s checkout or take any transaction fees for the gift cards you sell. 


For privacy and security reasons, your customers cannot enter the recipient’s email address before the gift card sale is completed, so the seller cannot see the recipient’s email. 


Once the transaction is completed, the customer (gift giver) receives the normal Shopify gift card email notification — but with an added ‘schedule’ button. The customer clicks the ‘schedule’ link and is directed to a page that uses your theme layout where they enter the recipient’s email.


The customer can then opt to send the notification right away or at any date and time in the following 365 days. The recipient receives a link via email and is invited to view the interactive gift card experience. They see the full gift card code which they can use at your store at any time.

Yes, you can email the gift card directly to the recipient with any of our plans if you use the Gift Card Scheduler app you can buy separately. You can also add the Gift Card Scheduler app to any Shopify store if its gift card feature is enabled.

Yes. The Gift Card app offers a 10-day free trial, and the Scheduler app offers a 5-day free trial.

ShopKeeper wants you to sell as many gift cards as possible, which is why we include generous limits in all of our plans. You can sell 200 gift cards per month with the Easy and Pro plans, and 500 gift cards with the Branded plan. 


There’s no problem if you go a little over this limit for a month or two a year, we’ll cover that cost. However, if you consistently go over your plan limit, we may reach out to discuss a small additional fee to cover the extra gift cards.

No. Our apps are month-to-month and you may cancel at any time. Please note that we do not offer refunds for partial months and you will continue to have access to the app through the end of your current plan.

No. There are no refunds for any app or other fees. However, our apps have free trial periods and we also bill month to month, so you can always cancel at any time. Please note that we don’t issue refunds for partial months.

Wow! What a difference. We Achieved everything we were looking for with ShopKeeper and are able to provide a much richer, branded Shopify experience.
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Saratoga Tea & Honey
There are a lot of different options for gift cards and scheduling, but what really sets this app apart is the support and customer service. Pete and the team are absolutely wonderful. Extremely responsive and willing to go the extra mile. They helped us with our integration and made sure that everything worked seamlessly - even when our customized theme threw up a few roadblocks!
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Life's an RPG
The team over at Shopkeer Tools have been incredibly helpful in setting up a branded gift card page for me, and I couldn't be more grateful! For one, the turnaround for the branded gift card itself was extremely fast. But what impressed me more was the initiative the team took. Upon noticing that I updated my Shopify theme, Jim went above and beyond and edited the code to the "To, From, and Message" fields, so that it looked cleaner and provided a better user experience and user interface. I can't recommend them enough - thank you!