Save Time. Simplify Your Editing & Updating Process With ShopKeeper Global Content

Speed up your content updates. With ShopKeeper Global Content, you can build a personal content library and update multiple pages at once.
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Thousands of Shop Owners Manage Their Stores Easier With ShopKeeper

Update Multiple Pages at Once

Edit and update the content you use on multiple pages in an instant.
Global Content enables you to create a library of custom content templates, so you can reuse them on almost all your store pages with a simple tag - shortcode style.

Build a Library of Reusable Snippets

Create blocks of content and add them to most of your store pages with Global Content. Your content templates can include
  • Plain text

  • Rich text

  • Images

  • HTML
  • Liquid code
Include the content blocks on multiple pages with ease. Simply add a single tag like [gcontent tag - block handle] and the content will show up on the pages.
You can use the content blocks on almost any Shopify store page.
  • Product descriptions

  • Headers and footers

  • Blog posts

  • Collection descriptions

  • Sections and blocks
  • Liquid code
  • Homepage
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GlobalContent InstantChanges

Make Instant Changes on Multiple Pages

Speed up your page updating process. Edit and update multiple pages from a centralized location.
Instead of having to edit every individual store page, Global Content enables you to update all the pages that feature the content snippets at once.

One App.
Limitless Possibilities

You can use Global Content in hundreds of different ways. Here’s how Global Content can save you tens of hours of work every year
Shipping Details

Shipping Details and Return Policies

Create content blocks for your shipping details and return policies and use them on all your product pages
Special Offers

Special Offers

Build content templates for your special offers and include them on selected pages
Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Create content blocks for your coupon codes, include them on selected pages, and update them with ease when necessary
Call to Action

Call To Action

Create templates for your call to action buttons and buttons and embed them on multiple pages
Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Create content blocks for product descriptions and add them to pages of similar products
Social Media Widgets

Social Media Widgets

Build customized social media widgets and include them on relevant pages
GlobalContent EasyInstall

Easy Installation

You can install the Global Content app with just a few lines of edits to your Liquid files. Free installation is also available

Simplify Your Editing & Updating Process With Global Content

Update multiple pages from a central location. Speed up your editing and updating process and save tens of hours of work every year.
$12.99/month. Try it for free for 10 days
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Wow! What a difference. We Achieved everything we were looking for with ShopKeeper and are able to provide a much richer, branded Shopify experience.
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There are a lot of different options for gift cards and scheduling, but what really sets this app apart is the support and customer service. Pete and the team are absolutely wonderful. Extremely responsive and willing to go the extra mile. They helped us with our integration and made sure that everything worked seamlessly - even when our customized theme threw up a few roadblocks!
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Life's an RPG
The team over at Shopkeer Tools have been incredibly helpful in setting up a branded gift card page for me, and I couldn't be more grateful! For one, the turnaround for the branded gift card itself was extremely fast. But what impressed me more was the initiative the team took. Upon noticing that I updated my Shopify theme, Jim went above and beyond and edited the code to the "To, From, and Message" fields, so that it looked cleaner and provided a better user experience and user interface. I can't recommend them enough - thank you!
Yes, our team can help you install Global Content for free.

Here are some other answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Global Content is easy to install, but you need to make a few manual code updates to complete the installation. 


  1. Open theme.liquid (if you want to install the app on your current theme, click here to open the file)
  2. Add a new line at the top of the file
  3. Add this code on this new line: {% capture skt_all %}
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the file and add a new line.
  5. Paste this code on this new line: {% endcapture %}{% include 'skt-process' %}
  6. Save the file.


Be sure to not modify the code snippets above.


Our team can also help you with the installation process.

We created a collection of tutorials that can get you started. You can find it here.

You can create new content blocks in the “My Content” area of your app’s admin panel. 


  1. Click Apps in your Shopify admin bar
  2. Find Shopkeeper Global Content from the list of installed apps and click it
  3. Select My Content from the menu
  4. Click the Create New Content button


Next, follow these steps to create a new content block 


  1. Give your content a Title; this can be anything you'd like and it won't show up to your store visitors
  2. Give your content a Handle; this can be anything you'd like and will become part of the tag you'll use to insert this content wherever you'd like it
  3. Insert your Content; if you're using Liquid code, be sure to check the Yes checkbox under Do you plan to include liquid code?
  4. Click Save  
  5. You can now use the content block anywhere you'd like

Once you've created a content block, you can now place the "shortcodes" almost anywhere you'd like. In general, you can put shortcodes:


  • In content fields such as product and collection descriptions, page content, and blog posts
  • In theme files


Shortcodes always start with gcontent and are placed inside of square brackets and followed with the handle name you gave when creating the content block, so they might look like this: [gcontent handle-name]

To use a shortcode, simply copy and paste or type it wherever you'd like the content to appear. Save your work and our app will replace the gcontent tag with the HTML, Liquid or other content you created.