Shopkeeper Gift Cards Scheduler App

Let customers schedule separate gift card notifications to recipients after they’ve ordered a gift card from your store

Works with any shopify plan that supports gift cards

Gift Card Scheduler works great with all our gift card apps but it also works without them — as long as your store has gift cards enabled.

  • Must have gift card compatible plan
  • Recipient email is not collected until after order is placed for security and privacy reasons
  • this app does not add recipient email field on product page

Customers buy gift cards as normal

Customers buy gift cards as normal (including with any of our other gift card apps). 

  • For privacy and security, customers do not enter a recipient email address before the gift card sale is completed
  • because of this, You will not see a recipient email field on product page

customer gets normal gift card notification email

The customer (gift giver) receives the normal Shopify gift card email notification — but with an added ‘schedule’ button. 

Customer selects recipient info 

The gift giver clicks the ‘schedule’ link and is taken to a page that uses your theme layout that lets them enter the recipient’s email.

  • Users enter recipient’s email now (see what it looks like)
  • For privacy and security, we do not collect recipient email prior to checkout

Follow the steps on the demo page to checkout and see how this screen looks.

Schedule notification

Customer can opt to send the notification right away or at any date and time in the next year. You can even set a time zone.

  • Most gift cards set to ‘send now’ are sent within minutes
  • While we make every effort to send gift cards at the date and time selected, the timing may be off by up to 5-10 minutes
  • Final delivery of emails are subject to filters and other factors

The lucky recipient gets an email

The lucky recipient gets the email with a link to view the interactive gift card experience. They see the full gift card code and can use it at your store at any time. Advanced users can edit the HTML of the email themselves.

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Frequently asked questions
Does this app add the ability to sell gift cards?

No. Our app uses the built in Shopify gift card functionality, which may or may not be available on your plan, so it does not add the ability to sell gift cards if you have an ineligible plan. Instead, our app adds the ability to let your customers customize and personalize digital gift cards.

I don't see the field for entering the recipient's email

Due to privacy and security concerns, we do not collect the recipient email on the product page or at any point before checkout is completed. Once the order is successfully processed, the customer receives the standard email notification with a “schedule” button in it that they then click and can enter the recipient email. We do not offer an option to gather recipient email addresses on product pages or any point prior to order processing.

Why don't you collect recipient email addresses upfront?

We do this as a privacy and security measure so that we are not actively collecting third party email addresses unless the order has been fully processed and your customer (gift giver) affirms they want to send the notification to a third party. 

Can my customers send the gift card right away?

Yes. Instead of picking a future date or time, customers can click the “send now” option to send right away (typically within a few minutes).

Where do customers enter the recipient's email before buying?

For privacy and security concerns, we only collect the recipient’s email address after the gift card has been purchased. Your customers should look for the standard Shopify gift card notification email and the “schedule” button to designate a recipient’s email and other options.

What scheduling options are available?

Customers can pick any date up to one year in the future from the date of scheduling. We also offer the ability to select the recipient’s local time zone and a time (:00, :15, :30 and 0:45 after the hour are available). Please note that due to internet conditions or email servers, some emails may be delayed by 5-10 minutes, but we try our best to deliver them within the window your customer selected.

Please note that if you cancel your subscription to the Gift Card Scheduler app, any notifications scheduled for the future will not be sent.

Is there a limit on how many email notifications I can send?

We include 500 gift card notifications per month per store. If you go over this limit, we do not stop sending notifications but may reach out to discuss a small extra fee. If you only go over a few months out of the year, we generally won’t charge you anything extra.

Where do the email notifications come from?

By default, we send gift card notifications from [email protected] If you prefer to have them sent from an address at your domain or your customer service email (such as [email protected]), we can change that for an extra one time fee.

Please note that any “bounces” or attempts to reply to the email address we use by default will result in an error message being sent to the sender.

What if my customer makes a typo on the recipient email?

The customer can click the “schedule” link in the gift card confirmation email. While they cannot resend the email, the page will show the link to the web version of the gift card that they can copy and paste into their own email to the recipient.

Do you guarantee delivery of emails?

We use a state of the art email delivery infrastructure designed for “transactional” email (not an email marketing system). The vast majority of users will not have issues receiving the notifications our systems send.

Because of the numerous factors involved in successfully delivered emails such as spam and junk folders, company and organization filters and more, we cannot guarantee that every email will be delivered. Some may go to the “junk” or “spam” or “promotions” folder or get “stuck” in organization level filters. Unfortunately, these situations are beyond our control and we cannot guarantee successful delivery or offer credits for non-deliverable emails. We also do not monitor if emails are delivered, opened or bounced. 

Keep in mind that if a user continues to have issues sending a notification to the intended recipient, often forwarding the original gift card notification from Shopify can be more reliable. We also provide the full URL to the web version fo the gift card on the scheduling page so customers can copy and paste that link into a new email that they personally address to the recipient, which is often more successful.