Shopkeeper Gift Cards App

A Shopify gift card app that lets your customers personalize digital gift cards for your store

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Thousands of shop owners have turned to ShopKeeper for better gift cards


customers can write a personal note

customers can add a “TO” name

unlocks even more designs from our library

    Our app does not add or change how Shopify gift cards work — only how they look. A Shopify plan with gift cards included is required.

    How customers personalize

    Easily install a line of code we provide on your gift card product pages and your customers can personalize and preview their gift cards. 

    You can even check out using the instructions shown on the demo site.

    Customers select a category

    Your customers then pick a category from our library of hundreds of designs to use on the gift card for the lucky recipient.

    • customers can hide designs and if all designs in a category are hidden, the category disappears as well

    Customer selects a design

    Customers browse through hundreds of designs and pick the right one for the recipient.

    Customer Personalizes gift card

    All users can add a ‘from’ name so the recipient knows who it’s from.

    • your customers add a ‘to’ name
    • your customers write a personal note
    • To let customers send separate notifications to recipients after purchase, you’ll need our add on app

    Customer Checks out as normal

    Your customer checks out and pays as normal. The app does not interfere with the normal Shopify checkout or take any transaction fees for gift cards sold.

    Gift cards are created as ‘real’ gift cards — not discount codes and are only visible to the customer and recipient. Store owners cannot see complete gift card codes for security purposes.

    An interactive gift card experience is created

    We take care of generating an animated gift card experience using the design and personalization your customer entered. It all happens behind the scenes and is mobile and print friendly, too.

    Shopify generates email notifications

    The normal Shopify order confirmation and gift card creation notification are sent by Shopify to the customer.

    The customer can forward the gift card to the recipient.

    • let customers send or schedule a gift card notification directly to the recipient with our gift card scheduler add on

    Optional Add On: Gift Card Scheduler

    After checking out, let your customers click a link to send a gift card notification directly to the recipient or schedule it any time in the next year. It’s all possible with our optional add on Gift Card Scheduler app.

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    Branded Gift Cards

    Offer gift cards that use your own logo, images, photos and colors to really make your brand shine and create a cohesive experiecne for shoppers. There’s just an additional, one time fee for design or integration.

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    Simplify the gift card buying process by sending all on the same design from our library that’s still personalized for each recipient. If you prefer a branded design, this app provides similar functionality.

    Frequently asked questions
    Does this app add the ability to sell gift cards?

    No. Our app uses the built in Shopify gift card functionality, which may or may not be available on your plan, so it does not add the ability to sell gift cards if you have an ineligible plan. Instead, our app adds the ability to let your customers customize and personalize digital gift cards.

    Does this app let me generate bulk gift card codes?

    No. We do not offer this functionality.

    If I generate a 'free' gift card from my Shopify admin, can I personalize it?

    No. Shopify offers the ability for store owners to create digital gift cards manually in the Shopify admin at no cost. This is commonly done for refunds, store credits or promotions. While you can still issue these gift cards and the customer will receive a notification of the email, you cannot personalize these — all of these cards are sent on a default design. 

    One possible workaround for this it to manually personalize and purchase a gift card for your customer on an as needed basis as if you were a customer. You could create a discount code (we suggest using a hard to guess one) that takes 100% off the gift card product and use your email as the purchaser. Once you receive the notification, you can send it to your customer or copy and paste the link into a new email.

    How does this app work with Shopify POS?

    Yes and no. You can, however, still sell physical gift cards via the Shopify POS that will work both in person and on your online store, if applicable and enabled. Gift cards sold via the POS will not have a personalized digital version.

    That said, gift cards sold on the POS will work on your links Shopify online store (assuming it’s set up correctly). Likewise, digital gift cards sold on your online store will also work on Shopify POS if it’s set up correctly.

    Can I sell printed gift cards with this app?

    If you sell online only, you cannot use our app to sell printed gift cards that you print and ship to customers. If a customer buys a digital gift card via your online store that is customized with our app. One of the reasons this feature is not availble is because you, as a store owner, cannot see the entire gift card code due to Shopify restrictions.

    There is however, a print friendly version if the customer chooses to print the digital view. This is designed so that person who purchases the gift card could print it out and mail it, hand deliver or put it in a greeting card or letter to the recipient if he or she chooses.

    Does this app let customers send gift cards directly to recipients?

    No, but our optional Gift Card Scheduler app does. It’s important to note that, due to privacy and security issues, we do not collect the recipient’s email address until after the order is complete, so there is no field for recipient email address before purchasing the gift card. Read full details.

    Are there extra fees for selling gift cards?

    No. Shopkeeper Tools does not add any additional processing fees to the gift cards you sell. Keep in mind gift card sales are still subject to your normal payment provider and Shopify processing fees, but we don’t collect those funds or add anything on top of them.

    Is there a limit on how many gift cards I can sell?

    We include up to 100 gift cards per month on the free plan and 200 on the pro plan. If you exceed this limit, we don’t stop you from selling gift cards but may reach out to discuss an additional fee. If you are a free user and regularly exceed the 100 gift card limit, you may be required to upgrade to pro. Pro users who exceed this by a bit a few months here and there we generally won’t charge you extra, but if you are reguarly exceeding this limit, we may charge a small extra fee.

    Can I use your app to sell gift donations?
    Can I use your app to send 'greeting cards' to customers?

    Some store owners want to add the ability to send a digital “greeting card” that announces the gift but there are some important points to be aware of.

    Can I limit what products a customer can buy with a gift card?

    Not directly, but there is a workaround that works for most stores here.

    Can you translate this app?

    Unfortunately, our free or pro gift card apps cannot be translated at this time. Our Easy and Branded gift cards apps can be translated however, subject to these limitations.