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Free Guide to Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Free Shopify Trial

Every Shopify account starts with a free 14 day trial. There’s no credit card required to get started. To get started, click the button below. You can either flip back and forth to this tab or create a new window and place the two side-by-side for easy reference.
Get Started
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Enter your email

First, all you need to do is enter your email address to get started in the field provided. When you’re done, click “Start free trial.”
If you want email, consider G Suite from Google.
Get G-Suite
shopify free trial signup

Provide a few more details

Next, you’ll need to pick a secure password and give your store a name. If you’re not sure what to call it yet, try entering the products you plan to sell or a temporary name. You can always change the store name later.
shopify free trial signup form

Sit tight

After this, Shopify will start creating your store. It may take a minute or so to complete this process, so sit back and relax…
shopify store setup wait

Take a quick survey

Next Shopify will ask you a few quick questions. We recommend filling this out accurately, because Shopify will provide you with free resources to help you based on these answers. In most cases you can leave the checkbox about clients unchecked.
If you prefer, you can skip this step.
shopify store setup survey

Add your address

Now, enter your address. This address most likely should be the one that’s on your bank account. You can update it later and prevent customers from seeing it.
This step is required — and it’s needed so you can get paid!
When you’re done, click “Enter my store.”
shopify store setup payment address

Welcome to your Shopify admin!

You should now see your store’s admin. There’s lots to click on and see — and Shopify provides a guide to adding your first product and more.
shopify store setup admin

Pick a Shopify theme

By default, if you click “Online Store” on the left toolbar and then pick “Themes,” you see Shopify has installed “Debut” for you. This is the default and free Shopify theme — and it’s great if you’re just getting started. However, for a more advanced look you may want to consider a premium Shopify theme.
Browse Themes
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Need more Shopify help?

Now that you have the basic setup done, there is still lots to learn! Be sure to explore Shopify’s complete manual for help with most topics. If you need expert help, however, consider hiring a Storetasker expert.
Get Help
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