Domain Name Integration Order Page

Use this form to securely pay Shopkeeper Tools for custom domain name integration services. We accept most major credit cards, but all funds are processed in U.S. dollars. All payments are processed securely. Please note there are no refunds on integration fees.

  • The domain you would like to send gift card notifications from. This CANNOT be a "" address so it should NOT be the same as the store URL you entered above.
  • Enter the email you want the gift card notifications to come from. We recommend using your main customer service email (such as [email protected]). This email address MUST end in the sending domain you entered above. It CANNOT be an email address that ends in,, etc. If you need custom email at your domain, we recommend Google Workspace.
  • Price:
  • This service will appear as "" or "Shopkeeper" on your credit card statement.
    I agree to the Shopkeeper Tools terms and conditions. I understand that there are no refunds for integration fees and that changing my sending domain after integration has begun will result in additional fees. Shopkeeper Tools is not responsible messages flagged as spam and I understand that certain factors outside the control of Shopkeeper Tools may affect deliverability of emails. Funds are processed in U.S. dollars. Buyer is responsible for all foreign transaction fees.