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Use this form to securely pay Shopkeeper Tools for custom gift card design and integration services. All payments are processed securely via PayPal and no PayPal account is required. Please note there are no refunds on design or integration fees.

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Please note you must be a Branded level plan subscriber to add custom designs. Click here to upgrade before ordering.

If you’re sending your own designs and we’re just providing integration services, please note the files should be these exact sizes. For an example of how the gift card images are used, see this sample design.

  • Background (bg.png): 1200 wide by 800 high
    • Please remember that the background image may be cropped depending on the user’s device size, so we recommend avoiding the use of text or other important design elements anywhere on the background. Instead, solid colors, patterns, photos without specific focal points or textures make good choices.
  • Cover (cover.png): 480 wide by 686 high
  • Virtual gift card (card.png): 400 wide by 239 high
    • Please remember that the bottom 60 pixels of the card may be covered by the gift card value, so we recommend avoiding placing any text or important design elements here. We do not recommend adding rounded corners or shadows to this image.
  • Print friendly version (print-bg.png): 243 wide by 153 high
    • This image will be rotated 180-degrees (e.g. appear upside down) on the wallet sized printed version so it can be folded in half to create the effect of a double-sided card.
  • Preview (preview.png): 480 wide by 684 high
    • This is typically the same image as the cover.
  • Thumbnail (thumbnail.png): 136 wide by 194 high
    • This is the image shoppers see in select cases. We typically recommend using the same image as your cover.

Files must be submitted as 72dpi RGB PNGs. 

We recommend using the following image naming format, especially if you are submitting multiple designs:


  • Note that filenames ideally should be all lowercase and avoid any special characters. Hyphens should replace spaces and elements of each filename. 
  • “branded” should prefixed to all file names.
  • “design-name” is typically your company name and, if applicable, a description of the design. For example, “acme-happy-birthday” would be used for Acme Store’s Happy Birthday Design. If needed, you can add a hyphen and number to this part (such as “acme-happy-birthday-2”) if you need to submit more than one file with similar design names.
  • “part-name” would be the filename shown in the list above (such as card.png).

Customers purchasing integration only may be charged an extra fee if files are not provided in the proper sizes and require editing.