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How can I see a Shopify gift card code?

The short answer is you can’t see the full Shopify gift card code easily — and there’s a good reason for that.

  • Because gift cards are considered payment methods, Shopify adds an extra layer of security to the codes and purposefully does not make it easy for store owners to see them.
  • In the Shopify admin, you will see 12 dots followed by the last four digits of each gift card code.
  • If you export your gift card data, it will include a gift card ID, but it is important to note this is a different from the gift card code and cannot be used for redeeming gift cards.

There are two workarounds for you to view a gift card code as the store owner:

  • When you issue the gift card, select yourself as the recipient (or create a new customer for an email address you have access to). Then, email the gift card to yourself. Once the email arrives, click the link and you should see the gift card code.
  • Ask the customer to forward you the gift card notification email to you. You can then click the link and view the code.

Please be aware that anyone with the full gift card code can use the gift card to make purchases with it, so they should be handled with care. In general, unless you have a good reason to need the gift card code, you are likely better off not knowing what it is.