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Add Edit Button to Shopify Like WordPress

Adding an “edit” button to your Shopify pages like WordPress sites have is easy with the Magic Button edit button app. This app adds a button to almost every Shopify page that, when clicked, opens the edit page on the Shopify admin.

Having an edit button to Shopify like WordPress have can save tons of time every day. Shopify store owners can quickly and easily make updates and corrections on the fly without having to wade through page after page on the Shopify backend. With all the time you can save, you can end up paying for itself.

Adding this Magic Button app puts a special edit button on nearly every Shopify page that gives you quick and easy access to update a collection or product page. It also works on content pages, blog articles and the homepage, giving you quick access to all of these page settings and content.

The app also lets you customize the size and position of the button, which only shows up when you’re logged in as a store staff member, giving everyone on your store’s team unlimited access to this great timesaving tool. This means everyone on your team will save more time, bringing more value to the app.